IKEA Catalogue 2021 Canada + Seasonal Brochures 2020-2021

IKEA Catalog 2021 is your new practical guide for a better everyday life at home.
The new catalog is full of fresh ideas, exciting new products and inspirations to make your homes cozier, smarter, more sustainable, and more beautiful.

Budget solutions, low prices for decorating, and furnishing your home await you in IKEA stores.

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IKEA Catalogue 2021 Canada

Catalogue IKEA In French

Also available for iPhone, iPad and Android.
Interactive version of IKEA Canada catalogue
Prices valid through July 31, 2021

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New products. New styles. New 2021 IKEA Catalogue.

How to get a printed 2021 IKEA Catalogue 
Ikea Canada will not be distributing their 2021 catalogue door-to-door this year, but you can still get a print copy by ordering from the link below or picking one up at the store:
  • If you are planning a shopping trip to an IKEA store, catalogues are available at the exit only, please pick one up on your way out.
  • For those using curbside Click & Collect service, or for anyone wanting only to pick up a catalogue, catalogues are available at the curbside collection tent in each location.
  • To order a print copy, click on the link below to fill out the form and we'll mail you one.

Explore the 2021 IKEA Catalogue IDEAS
- budget-friendly tips and home furnishing projects , inspiring ideas to improve your everyday life. Browse these pages to find ideas that will make your home cozier, more sustainable, and beautiful.
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IKEA Canada Seasonal Brochures 2020-2021

IKEA for Business Brochure
IKEA for Business Brochure
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