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24 Aug 2019

IKEA believe that a good and relaxed sleep can really improve your life. Several changes at home are enough. This year's catalog has many ideas and tips to help you live in a more cozy and wonderful home, and have a nice and relaxed sleep.
The new edition of the Ikea 2020 catalog contains all the things we might expect from our home: inspiring a new look, exciting new products and, last but not least, a good dream.  

"Lots of inspiration, great new products and new living facilities. Everything is affordable and easy to implement. "

Coming soon - on 26 Aug 2019
IKEA Catalog 2020

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Interactive version of catalog  in French  
Interactive version of catalog  in Italian 
 Prices valid through August 3, 2020
New products. New styles. New 2020 IKEA Catalog.

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