Yes, That''s MI = Original XIAOMI Mijia MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner

 Yes, That's MI
= A Super Intelligent Robot Cleaner for Your Home and Office

XIAOMI Mijia MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner
    Original XIAOMI Mijia MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • Intelligent planning path, memory family layout, cleaning every corner.
  • WIFI connect mobile phone, Timing boot, Automatic Cleaning for Home and Office, Automatic charging.
  • V-shaped floating roller brush.
  • 1800PA large suction, brushes motor, the noise is less than 55db.
  • 420ML dust box, double filter system, effective filter dust, mites, and more clean air.
  • 5200mAH Long-life Li-Battery, it can cleaning 250 square meters of the environment.
  • 96mm Slim design enable this Robot Vacuum Cleaner working in the narrow space.
  • Poland & Spain & Russia & Australia Local Warehouse
  • Fast delivery and NO TAX
  • BUY NOW 
 Robot Cleaner
Robot Cleaner Home
MI robot is integrated with various sensors, like LDS, Wall Sensor, Dustbin Sensor, Collision Sensor, Radar Sensor, Compass, Gyroscope, Accelerator, Cliff Sensor, Dropping Sensor, Distance Odometer and Blower Speedometer. These sensors are dedicated to collect all the datas for mapping and route planning.


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